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  • New York YC Wins J/80 Team Race in England

    New York YC Wins J/80 Team Race in England (Queen Mary Reservoir,  Heathrow,  England)- Sailing J/80s on the Queen Mary Reservoir in London, Englandcan be quite an exciting experience.  This large “lagoon” is locateddirectly beneath the southerly approach to the famously busy HeathrowAirport.  Even on light air days, the tip vortices off the biggest jetslike the Airbus A380 or Boeing 747 can be felt on the water!  Makes forsome interesting shifts or wind shear sometimes!

    Nevertheless,the fleet of J/80s supplied by Royal Thames YC and the Royal YachtSquadron were team raced this past weekend by four teams for thebi-annual “Cornerstone Cup”- an event between the Royal Thames YC, RoyalYacht Squadron, New York YC and St Francis YC.  After 54 races, TeamNYYC won not only the Cornerstone Cup, but also the Madcap Trophy, theNichols Trophy and the Quissetta Trophy!  New York YC Commodore PhilLotz was providing the on-water cheering section and coaching for thehappy team that was sailing a 2 vs 2 format- where “last loses” therace. Add to Flipboard Magazine.

  • YC Costa Smeralda & ONE OCEAN Announcement

    YC Costa Smeralda & ONE OCEAN Announcement (Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy)- The environmental sustainability initiative promoted by the Yacht ClubCosta Smeralda in its 50th anniversary year in the form of the One OceanForum and presentation of the Charta Smeralda in Milan on 3rd and 4thOctober, has garnered the support of the SAILING Champions League (SCL)and the International Sailing League Association (ISLA).

    On 23rd September, during the Audi SAILING Champions League event inPorto Cervo, both associations signed an agreement undertaking topromote the principles of the “Charta Smeralda” to an audience of morethan 150,000 members of international yacht clubs.

    TheSailing Champions League launched a new type of sail racing competitionin 2013 utilizing the International J/70 one-design class that hasrevolutionized the sport of sailing. The League sees individual yachtclubs competing in national leagues within a dedicated circuit. The ISLAwas created successively and encompasses each of the individualnational leagues, most of which use the J/70 one-design class as theirbase sailboat for competition.

    "I am pleased that two associations such as the SCL and ISLA, whichoversee all of the national leagues and their respective members, havegiven their support to our environmental sustainability initiative,undertaking to promote the Charta Smeralda to a wide audience that isclosely linked to the sea." commented Riccardo Bonadeo, YCCS Commodoreand Vice President of the One Ocean Forum.

    Oliver Schwall, Managing Director of the SCL declared: "Behind theSAILING Champions League and the International Sailing LeagueAssociation (ISLA), are up to 300 sailing clubs from 15 countriesinvolved with more than one hundred and fifty thousand members. Thisgives us a great opportunity to make the ideas of the Charta Smeraldaknown throughout Europe. We are thrilled to integrate the One OceanInitiative into our communication activities and I am convinced thatmany of the clubs will follow the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and willadopt the ideas of the Charta Smeralda to protect the sea."

    The signing of this agreement underlines one of the primary objectivesset by the One Ocean Forum: raising awareness of an environmentallysustainable culture. Awareness is being promoted principally towardsrealities close to YCCS, such as yacht clubs and associations like theSCL and ISLA which are intrinsically linked to the sea; the element thatplays host to their activities.

    The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, promoter of the One Ocean Forum, will bethe first organization to sign and adopt the principles of the “ChartaSmeralda” which is to be presented on 4th October in Milan.  For furtherinformation please visit: http://www.yccs.com or http://www.oneoceanforum.orgAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Close encounters of the J/70 kind!

    Close encounters of the J/70 kind! (Porto Cervo, Sardinia)- Accordingto the skipper, “we were going around 14 knots downwind when anotherboat broached just ahead of us, we pulled up higher and higher until wewere nearly broaching ourselves.

    The gennaker trimmer had no ideaanything had happened so he kept responding to the skipper’s commands tolet the sheet out with: "why?? the kites flying awesome!"

    We were ableto narrowly avoid a collision, thanks to the great steering and coolhead of our skipper! Top speed was 15.8 kts on that run.”   Watch YouTube J/70 sailing video hereAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • NOSTALGIA Crowned J/70 East Coast Champion!

    NOSTALGIA Crowned J/70 East Coast Champion! (Deltaville, VA)- The J/70 East Coast Championship was held by FishingBay Yacht Club (FBYC) in Deltaville, Virginia on September 30/October 1.

    Sailors enjoyed gusty/shifty northwest to northeast winds on Saturdayand Sunday ranging from 8 to 20 knots. Given the strong wind, currentand steep chop, the race committee moved racing inside to Fishing Bay sothat they could set their anchors properly.

    Blake Kimbrough and his long-term NOSTALGIA crew of Julia and LudKimbrough and FBYC Vice Commodore, Rob Whittemore, was the top boat onSaturday with finishes of 1-5-2-3 and the top boat overall for theweekend.  Even though Blake did not race his J/70 in 2016, he clearlydid not lose his touch as he won the J/70 Class at the Stingray regattaLabor Day weekend and followed up with his win at the East CoastChampionship. The NOSTALGIA crew consistently started well, sailed fast(despite their aged sails) and got around the corners in good shape.

    Henry Filter and his WILD CHILD crew sailed very well and wereexceptional at close quarters maneuvering. The WILD CHILD team placedsecond in the regatta, with their performance ramping up from 3-7-1-6 onSaturday to 1-2-3 on Sunday.

    Gannon Troutman sailed at Fishing Bay after a couple of years of racingtop-flight regattas around the world. Gannon and his all junior crew onPIED PIPER (fellow classmates from Christ Church School near Deltaville,VA) sailed extremely well both days with finishes of 2-2-8-2 onSaturday (tied for second for the day) and finishes of 7-3-4 on Sundayto end up third for the regatta.  We hope to see Gannon and his crew atthe J/70 Youth Champs next year at St. Petersburg Yacht Club!  For more J/70 East Coast Championship sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Drama-filled Conclusion @ AYC Fall Series

    Drama-filled Conclusion @ AYC Fall Series (Rye, NY)- The American YC’s annual Fall Series that takes place overtwo weekends at the end of September and start of October always seemsto have a combination of benign sailing weather and dramatic storms toround out the experience.  The 2017 series was no exception.  The firstweekend produced near pristine sailing conditions on Saturday and muchlighter breezes on Sunday- all punctuated by clear skies and sunnydays.  The second weekend was anything but that scenario- withSaturday’s weather influenced by the “tail feathers” of Hurricane Mariaoffshore, producing an enormous “water spout” (a water-borne tornado)just six miles southeast from where the fleet was sailing and stormynortherly winds all day. By contract, Sunday had virtually no winds andwas a sunny warm "shorts & shades" day!

    For the 120-odd boats that registered to sail over the two weekends,they sure got their money’s worth.  Great sailing on at least one dayfor both weekends, that’s a good thing in western Long Island Sound atthis time of year!

    Inthe J/70 class, Scott & Alex Furnary on ANY COLOUR easily won theclass with five bullets in their scoreline to win with just 11 pts netin nine races sailed!  A forecast of things to come in the J/70 NorthAmericans??  Time will tell if they can maintain that pace against J/70class veterans.  Second was Trevor Roach’s SEMI-CHARMED with 29 pts netand third was Carrie & Ed Austin’s CHINOOK with 45 pts net.  Thebalance of the top five were Ernest Bourassa’s ALTHEA in 4th place andDan Goldberg’s BAZINGA in 5th position.

    TheJ/105 class saw the St Francis YC duo of Bruce Stone and Nicole Breaulton GOOD TRADE just eke out another win, just barely.  Tied on points at18 pts net each with Damian Emery’s ECLIPSE, the GOOD TRADE duo justsqueezed out another win against great competition.  Third was PaulBeaudin’s LOU LOU with 25 pts net.  Rounding out the top five wereGeorge & Alex Wilbanks REVELATION in 4th and Randy Bourne’s STRANGEBREW in 5th place.

    The J/88 class had incredibly tight racing for the top three spots onthe podium.  In the end, it was Newport’s Doug Newhouse’s crew on YONDERthat took the class prize with just 19 pts net.  Two women skipper’sfeatured in the next two slots on the podium, a first for thishighly-competitive class.  Elizabeth Barry’sESCAPE was second with 22 pts and Iris Vogel’s DEVIATION was third with27 pts net.  Mike Bruno’s WINGS was 4th with 29 pts net and Ken &Drew Hall’s NEVERMORE ended up in 5th position with 40 pts.  Again,showing the depth of the fleet, all five boats in the top five wonraces!

    It sure is hard to slow down a freight-train once it is moving fast! That has seemed to be the case for David Rosow’s crew on the J/109LOKI.  Continuing on their successes all season-long, they won five often races to easily be crowned kings of the J/109 class for the fallsseries.  Second was Jon Rechtshaffer’s EMOTICON with 22 pts, third wasBengt & Marie Johansson’s ZIG ZAG, fourth Bill Rogers’ BIG BOAT andfifth was Carl Olsson’s MORNING GLORY.

    Upsetting the momentum of the “gold diggers” on the second weekend wasBill Ketcham’s MAXINE in the J/44 class, winning class by just onepoint.  Jim Bishop’s crew on GOLD DIGGER closed with a bullet in thelast race, but it was not enough to overcome back-to-back 4-4’s on thebeginning of the day to ultimately take second in class.  Third was LenSitar’s VAMP, fourth Don & Dick Rave’s RESOLUTE and fifth the USCoast Guard Academy’s GLORY.

    Inthe PHRF handicap-racing world, J/Teams just about cleaned house. Winning PHRF 1 Class was Neil Hindle’s J/145C MUSKOKA, with RonRichman’s J/133 ANTIDOTE taking 4th in class.

    Crushing the PHRF 2 Class was David & Maryellen Tortorello’sPARTNERSHIP with just 9 pts net.  They were followed by Paul Strauch’sANDIAMO with 13 pts, tied for 2nd place but losing the tie-break to take3rd in class.

    In PHRF 3 Class, Andy Oeftering’s J/92 SHOOTING STAR sailed a solidseries against a variety of high-powered boats to take 2nd in class. For more American YC Fall Series sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Cleveland 216 Regatta Report

    Cleveland 216 Regatta Report (Cleveland, OH)- On Lake Erie, the season-ending finale has symbolicallybecome the Cleveland 216 Regatta hosted by the Edgewater YC forone-design fleets of J/22s, J/70s, and J/105s.

    The eight teams competing in the J/70 class were certainly not expectinga “master class” in how to get a 70 around the race track, but that’sexactly what they got!  “Schooling” the fleet was David Koski’s SOULfrom Edgewater YC, winning 6 of 7 races to win by a large margin. Second with four 2nds and the only boat to “steal” a win from SOUL wasLee Sackett’s AQUA DUMP, with 15 pts total in seven races.  A distantthird was Tod Sackett’s FM with 23 pts total.

    In the J/22s, a similar scenario played out, with Tim Roberts’ DEUCEwinning every single race in their seven race series for a total of 7pts.   Second was Jim Latham’s RAMBLE ON with 14 pts and third placewent to Mike Meaney’s MEANIAC.

    Unlike their stablemates, the J/105s had a fierce battle for the topspots on the podium.  In the end, just four points separated the topfour boats.  After starting off with three 1sts in a row, Robert Mock’screw on DARK HORSE stumbled a bit to post top three finishes; in the endthey won with 15 pts total.  Just three points back, two boats weretied on 18 pts each, with Stephen Mitcham’s BREEZIN BAYOU taking 2ndplace on count-back over Jim Uhlir’s TRIO.  Just one point behind themwas Cindy Einhouse’s OVATION to take 4th position.  Rounding out the topfive was Rick Drucker’s KNOT GUILTY in 5th place.
    For more Cleveland 216 Regatta sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/70 North American Championship Preview

    J/70 North American Championship Preview (Rye, NY)- It is going to be a busy week on the famous Rye Point thatextends into Long Island Sound off Peningo Neck in Rye, New York!  TheAmerican YC is hosting their HPR Regatta on the weekend from October 7-8for over a half-dozen classes (dinghies mostly) that also includes J/70teams.  That event will act as a “warm-up” and training regatta formany teams that will then be participating in the 2017 J/70 NorthAmerican Championship that starts racing on Thursday, October 12th andfinishes on Sunday, October 15th.

    While it may not be the largest J/70 North Americans held in recenthistory, it is more than making up for the numbers with a deeplytalented fleet and all of the top American teams that sailed the AUDIJ/70 World Championship at YC Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, Sardinia,Italy.  Fifty-eight teams are registered and that includes PeterDuncan’s RELATIVE OBSCURITY, not only the Rear Commodore of the hostAmerican YC, but also the current J/70 World Champion! Brian Keane’sSAVASANA team is also participating; the runner-up in this year’s J/70Worlds!

    Then, the 2016 J/70 World Champion is sailing- Joel Ronning’s CATAPULTfrom Excelsior, Minnesota. Jumping ship to sail his own boat will be JudSmith aboard AFRICA from Marblehead, MA (Jud was crew with Peter Duncanat the Worlds in Sardinia)- he is an Etchells 22 North American andWorld Champion, too.  Joining those elite teams will be the first J/70North American Championship winner and the first J/70 Worlds Corinthianswinner- the duo on MUSE with skipper Heather Gregg and Joe Bardenheier.

    Many other top crews will be in the mix on the leaderboard that have wonor placed in various NOOD Regattas, Charleston Race Weeks, BacardiMiami, Midwinters, or Quantum Winter Series; including Doug Strebel’sBLACK RIVER RACING, Melissa & Andrew Fisher’s BUTTON FLY, Mallory& Andrew Loe’s DIME, Jack Franco’s FLOJITO 3 BALL JT, Trey Sheehan’sHOOLIGAN: FLAT STANLEY RACING, Jenn & Ray Wulff’s JOINT CUSTODY,Bruce Golison’s MIDLIFE CRISIS, Martie Kullman’s NEW WAVE, John Brim’sRIMETTE, Pam Rose’s ROSEBUD, Peter Vessella’s RUNNING WILD, Will Welles’SCAMP, Dave Franzel’s SPRING, Bruno Pasquinelli’s STAMPEDE, Scott &Alex Furnary’s ANY COLOUR, and John & Molly Baxter’s TEAM VINEYARDVINES.  For more J/70 North American Championship sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • J/88 Class Update

    J/88 Class Update (Rye, NY)- The J/88 class continues to enjoy excellent class racing inthe Great Lakes and the East Coast.  Here is a class report and updatefrom J/88 Class President Iris Vogel, she is the owner of DEVIATION.

    “For starters, we would like to congratulate the winner of the STCChampionships at Rochester YC, Al Minella and the team of ALBONDINGAS,well done!  Second went to DEVIATION and third to ESCAPE.  TeamALBONDIGAS also took first in the “Can One” Thursday night series.

    At American Yacht Club’s annual Fall Series Regatta, we congratulateDoug Newhouse and the team of YONDER for an excellent performancefollowed by Elizabeth Barry and team ESCAPE in second and team DEVIATIONin third.

    In both regattas, the racing was extremely close and every competitorhad great races with many different boats taking firsts in individualraces.  Saturday, 9/30 finally gave us some big breeze to show what theJ/88 can do- gusts hit 29 kts at one point on Saturday!

    With two great OD events behind us, let's finish the 2017 Long IslandSound season in style.  There is still the Gearbuster (IHYC) andManhasset Bay Fall Series - dates are October 14th, 15th, & 21st. Let's have a strong showing at these two end of season events!

    Also, we look forward to some J/88s that are also participating andsupporting college sailing teams in the Intercollegiate Offshore Regattaat Larchmont YC.

    For all who are planning their winter schedule, we will again focus on three great regattas!  They are:

    • Jan 19-21- J/FEST St Petersburg- St Petersburg, FL
    • Feb 16-18- St Petersburg NOOD Regatta- St Petersburg, FL
    • Apr 12-15- Charleston Race Week- Charleston, SC
    Please note- in St Pete, the J/88 fleet has a special rate for storage at the Sailor's Wharf.

    I look forward to seeing you all in the fall and winter events!  Best, Iris”

    What is interesting to note about the J/88s is that it is a very“women-friendly” owner class- with four top teams all owned andskippered by very good women sailors!

    For more J/88 one-design class information   For more J/88 family speedster sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Hamble Winter Series Kick-Off Weekend!

    Hamble Winter Series Kick-Off Weekend! (Hamble, England)- The 36th edition of the Hamble Winter Series kickedoff on Saturday 30 September, and included the inaugural IRC SpinlockAutumn Championship, organized by the Hamble River Sailing Club.

    Five races were held for all classes competing in the IRC SpinlockAutumn Championship, and for those competing in the Hamble WinterSeries, two races were completed on Sunday 1 October.

    A wide variety of yachts racing under IRC and in One Designs, enjoyed aperfect southerly wind of 15 knots on Saturday with a 16-18 knotsouthwesterly intensifying condition on Sunday, typifying fantasticautumnal racing.

    Forthe Spinlock IRC Autumn Championship, in IRC 1 Class, Tony Mack’s J/111McFLY is lying in second for the series with a 4-1-3-8-1 for 17 ptstotal.  Third is Chris Daniel’s J/122 JUNO with a 6-2-5-4-3 for 20 pts. However, it is very tight with two more J/111s just off the mark;Louise Makin’s JOURNEYMAKER II is currently 5th with a 5-7-6-2 tally for25 pts and Cornel Riklin’s J/111 JITTERBUG is 6th with a 2-6-4-6.5record for 25.5 pts.

    Meanwhile, Roger Phillips’ J/109 is second in IRC 2 Class and is beingchased by Chris Burleigh’s J/109 JYBE TALKIN in 4th place and BillStock’s J/109 JENGU in 5th.

    Rachel Hunt's J/97E JUMBLESAIL 2 is winning IRC Three division quitehandily with triple 1sts in her tally, followed by David Greenhalgh’sJ/92 J’RONIMO in 2nd place and Annie & Andy Howe’s J/97 BLACKJACK IIin 3rd position.

    And, Ian Smyth's team is winning the J/88 Class, with Kirsty & DavidApthorp’s J/DREAM in 2nd and Richard Cooper’s JONGLEUR in third place.

    The results from Sunday 1 October constituted the first round of the Hamble Winter Series.

    In IRC One, the J/112E DAVANTI TYRES, skippered by Paul and Marie-ClaudeHeys took second on the first weekend, with a 3rd in the first race anda 1st in the second race!

    InIRC Three, three J/teams are leading a sweep of the class.  DavidGreenhalgh's J/92 J’RONIMO finished the weekend on a high, winning thelast race to win class with a 2-1. “Excellent courses, and just theright length,” commented Greenhalgh!  Stablemates Annie & AndyHowe’s J/97 BLACKJACK II are in second by just one point with a 1-3. And, Robin Stevenson’s J/92S UPSTART is third with a 3-2.

    In the J/88 Class Kirsty and David Apthorp's J-DREAM was the victor forthe weekend with a 1-2.  Ian Smyth’s GRB 2688R is second with a 3-1 andlying third is Richard Cooper’s JONGLEUR with a 2-4.

    The Hamble River Sailing Club was a hive of activity after racing, withall competitors, friends and family welcome to enjoy a vibrantatmosphere with a licensed bar.

    Racing organized by the Hamble River Sailing Club continues 7-8 October,with another double helping of exciting racing in the Solent. TheHamble One-Design Championship, supported by Grapefruit Graphics, andThe Bugle PH, Hamble, will consist of fast thrilling sportboats racingover two days. 30 teams have already entered, with room for more! TheSecond round of the Hamble Winter Series will take place on SundayOctober 8th.   Sailing photo credits- Hamo Thornycroft   For more Spinlock Hamble Winter Series sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

  • Hungarian Bakoczy Crowned J/24 European Champion!

    Hungarian Bakoczy Crowned J/24 European Champion! American Whittemore Tops Open Europeans
    (Lake Balaton, Hungary)- Two hundred fifty competitors from eightnations sailed on forty-eight boats in the 2017 J/24 EuropeanChampionship, that was organized by the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club inBalatonfüred, Hungary between September 24th and October 1st.

    The Opening Day kicked off with beautiful sunshine and a pleasant, butlight, easterly wind which some of the competitors took advantage of fortraining. Unfortunately, the wind completely died down by the lateafternoon, so the practice race was canceled by the Race Committee. That outcome presaged what was going to happen for the rest of theregatta, a lot of time spent waiting for winds to develop enough to runproper races for the aggressive fleet of J/24s.  In fact, it may havebeen the first Europeans in recent memory where every race took place inless than 8 kts of wind, with just 150% genoas flown, and rare momentsof crews sitting on the windward rail hiked out hard.  Nevertheless, theweather was pleasant, sometimes cool, but those warmer days brought outthe “shorts & shades” for the more ambitious crews.

    Theregatta marked the first time a Hungarian crew was victorious in thecontinental championship!  After ten races, winning the 2017 EuropeanChampionship title was the young Robert Bakoczy and his local LakeBalaton crew on FGF SAILING TEAM (Domonkos Rozsnyay, Kristof Takacsy,Levente Takacsy, Maxim Szigeti).

    “The J/24 European Championship was a great adventure for us. It wasgreat that there was no pressure on us and this brought us victory. Weare extremely delighted. I don’t know, I am just overwhelmed right now.It hasn’t yet sunk in that this has happened to us and we won,” saidBakoczy after his win.

    Silver went to Farkas Litkey with his mixed Hungarian-Italian Team onboard PELLE NERA (Alberto Forti, Paolo Ceccamore, Barbara Frigyer,Mihaly Szanto), while the bronze was earned by Balazs Tomai and his Teamon JENESIS (Tamas Tompa, Balazs Boros, Gabor Nagy).

    The Open Trophy was taken home by American Keith Whittemore and his Teamon FURIO from Seattle, Washington (Kevin Downey, Shelby Milne, BrianThomas, Mark Rodgers). “It was amazing to race on this beautiful lakewhere, to our surprise and biggest delight, powerboats are banned! Youcannot believe how lucky you are with this. We had 10 great races, greatorganization, fair start lines,” said Whittemore after the races. Hereis how it all took place over the four days of competition.

    Day 1
    Two races were sailed on September 27th, the first day. Both races weredominated by the Hungarian teams, they occupied 10 spots in the top 20.JUKEBOX, helmed by local Miklos Rauschenberger, secured 2 wins byconfident sailing, followed by the current American National ChampionKeith Whittemore on FURIO, while last year’s World Champion, the Germanteam on JJONE helmed by Daniel Frost and his crew came in third.

    The first race started out in light, easterly 7-9 kt winds at 1000 hrsas scheduled. First start was under U flag, but loads of excitedcompetitors went over the start line early, so the second start wasunder the Black Flag. Seemingly, the teams were more careful at thesecond start in order not to be disqualified.

    JUKEBOX took over the lead after the first upwind leg and won the race.In second was JJONE, followed by fellow German LUV, helmed by Tom Stryi.The wind lost its strength by the 2nd race, dropping to 5-7 knots,further boosting the Hungarian teams’ self-confidence on the start line.The tricky winds require expert starting technique, where choosingone’s starting position is key to a successful race. Those startingcloser to the pin end proved to be faster coming up the 1st upwind mark.

    Six Hungarian teams got there fastest. 1st to round the mark was TamasMadarasz and his team on REBEL. The first downwind leg was fastest onthe right side. After the first round, the dying wind was also shiftingnorthwards, forcing a course alteration. The frontrunners split intotwo. The 2 leading teams, JUKEBOX and PELLE NERA chose to remain on theleft, while the rest of the fleet kept to the right hoping to findstronger breezes.

    Bythe end of the 2nd race, winds had died almost completely, though thespinnakers were still holding up nicely. Patience and focus were thestrongest virtue to finish the race. The second race was ruled byJUKEBOX, while 3-time Soling World Champion Farkas Litkey came in secondon PELLE NERA followed by fellow Hungarian Madarasz on REBEL. As thewind completely died, there was no chance to do the third race.

    After two races, JUKEBOX was leading the regatta with 2 wins. Hesummarized the day, “In today’s light winds local knowledge wasdefinitely an advantage. We knew at both starts that we must choose thepin side and it proved right. It is very good to see that the Hungarianteams are doing well, though today’s tricky conditions haven’t givenforeign competitors the chance to really prove how good they are.”

    FURIO’s Whittemore was second with two 4th places at both races, while JJONE was sitting in 3rd place.

    Day 2
    The second race day continued with two further races. After four races,three Hungarian teams ruled the leaderboard. JUKEBOX continued to lead,shadowed by JENESIS in second and PELLE NERA in third.

    Due to the black flag start rules, yesterday’s favorites, the FURIO andJJONE lost their top positions, as they haven’t been able to drop theirBFD’s.

    The day started out beautifully in 7-9 knots of easterly winds. Thefirst three teams to round the first upwind mark during the 3rd racewere Germany’s Tom Stryi (LUV), Hungary’s Gabor Sallai (IJRONCAT) andPELLE NERA, keeping their positions until the finish of that race.Germany’s Stefan Karsunke on SULLBERG finished fourth, while the currentoverall leader on JUKEBOX crossed the finish line 5th. The middle ofthe fleet pretty much clustered up due to dropping winds and finishedreally close to each other, so the Race Committee decided to shorten thecourse on the third and fourth legs.

    Race 4 was preceded by an on-water postponement, as the wind startedshifting and it also dropped well below 5 knots. After a bit of waitingthe race course moved southwards, a new course was set and racingcontinued. Excited teams were unable to hold back enough, six teams wereBFD, including FURIO and JJONE, so they were forced to watch the racefrom the sidelines.

    The repeat start for Race 4 was clear. The rounding order at the 1stupwind mark was Jörn Harms on VITESSE, Tomai’s JENESIS, and JUKEBOX. Theorder pretty much remained the same at the end of the first round atthe downwind gate.  JUKEBOX decided to take the left-hand mark andcontinue upwind on the right while JENESIS opted for the right-hand markand sailed on the left upwind. The 2nd upwind mark was rounded byVITESSE first, followed by JENESIS, then FAST FORWARD. The race was wonby Jörn Harms on VITESSE, JENESIS finished second, while the 3rd wastaken by a female skipper, Johanne Maske!

    Race 5 started in somewhat annoyingly shifty 5-6-knot easterly windsthat later completely died, so the race committee decided to abandon therace to the biggest disappointment for the two-race leaders- FURIO andPELLE NERA!

    Day 3
    Incredibly, four races were sailed on the third day of the regatta, foreight races total! Friday was a busy day, not only in race numbers butalso in number of protests, so the international jury was kept busy aswell!  Litkey’s PELLE NERA took over the lead, though tied on pointswith Whittemore’s FURIO.

    The day started out with a shore postponement. After a short wait, thefleet headed out to the course area. The fleet sailed Race 5 in 6-8-knoteasterly winds. JUKEBOX won Race 5, followed by Frank Schönfeldt’sHENK, Peer Kook’s BOCKDRUF third and JENESIS fourth.

    Winds dropped by Race 6, though it was about 5-6 knots at the start.Winds dropped further during the race, forcing the RC to shorten thelength of the 2nd upwind leg. Race 5 finished with 5 Hungarian teamsoccupying the top 5 slots- PELLE NERA, Robert Sarina’s JBOND, JENESIS,Bakoczy’s FGF SAILING TEAM, and IJRONCAT. Race 7 was preceded by alengthy on-water postponement, as the Race Committee decided to move thecourse southwards in hope of more steady winds. The new course was setand Race 7 started in an 8-knot northeasterly.

    The start for Race 7 had to be repeated due to a general recall, 3 teamsincluding leading JUKEBOX collected BFD’s. The 2nd start for Race 7 wasclear. The Swedish FOR FUN crew rounded the upwind mark first, followedby VITESSE and IJRONCAT. The order shifted by the downwind mark, whichwas rounded first by FGF Sailing Team, followed by FURIO and EVNIKI. FGFended up winning race 7 by consistent sailing. VITESSE came in second,FURIO third.

    The wind had dropped to 5-6 knots by Race 8 while keeping its direction,so no course change was needed for the last race of the day on Friday.Teams really had to be alert and decide which side to choose that wouldbring them fresh breezes. JENESIS opted for the left and rounded the 1stupwind mark first, beating VITESSE and PELLE NERA. At the end of thefirst lap, VITESSE overcame JENESIS and held onto the lead positionuntil the finish.

    Jörn Harm from Vitesse commented, “It is difficult to sail here, asthere is relatively little wind and there are lot of wind directionchanges and there are no waves. We, from the North of Germany on theBaltic Sea are used to different conditions: mostly a lot more wind andwaves, where it is somewhat easier to sail.  Nevertheless, theorganization of the regatta has been perfect.”

    PELLE NERA finished second, FURIO came in third, JENESIS landed in 4th while FGF Sailing Team nailed the 5th spot.

    The winner of the day was definitely Farkas Litkey, whose consistentsailing paid off with his PELLE NERA team taking the lead in theregatta.

    Litkey commented after the races, “We sailed 4 races today out of thetotal 8. We had four good races, so we are happy with our scores! It waslight wind, which benefits us as we are fast in light winds. We haveenough speed there to stay among or ahead of the best. The Regattaorganization is fantastic. It is incredible that there are 48 boats. I’mtruly impressed. Shore events are perfect. New videos, edited everynight, the day’s photos displayed is really unique. I haven’t seen thisat any other regattas. This is the best organization, I’ve ever seen!”

    Day 4
    Despite the challengingly shifty conditions, the Race Committee, headedby Bence Fluck, managed to run two more races on the final day.

    Race 9 was sailed in 7-8 kts northeasterly winds in which 3 German Teamsgathered BFD penalties due to jumping out early. LUV was the first boatto reach the 1st upwind gate, shadowed by the young girls-only team onGER 5266, while DJANGO rounded third. By the end of the 2nd leg, leadingpositions had shifted as the left side of the course proved faster, butLUV and the girls on GER 5266 managed to hold onto their leads whileEVNIKI completed the leg third. The second upwind leg saw LUV maintaintheir lead, but 2 teams came in from the right, JUKEBOX in second andFURIO in third. In the end Stry’s LUV won Race 9, with JUKEBOX in secondand FGF in third in a massive comeback!

    Race 10 was a nerve-wrecking course, testing the endurance of the teams with its dropping, shifty winds.

    EVNIKI was first to round the 1st upwind mark, followed by Dutch TeamJOOL and JMANIA.  At the downwind mark, EVNIKI swapped positions withTeam JOOL. Dropping winds clustered up the teams at the mark, there werefierce struggles for inside positions, coupled by load protest calls.Team JOOL struggled to the 2nd upwind mark to round first, followed byEVNIKI and VITESSE. The Dutch Team JOOL won the race, beating EVNIKI andVITESSE in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

    The Race Committee was determined to do an 11th race that had to bestarted by 4 pm. The wind was picking up to 7-8 knots, shifted east, butthe 1st start attempt had to be interrupted by an AP due to a suddenwind shift. The 11th race started clear at the 2nd start attempt, thoughradically shifting conditions forced an abandonment, closing theregatta with a total of ten races in very challenging weather!

    Following the J/24 Class legacy of awarding special prizes, here are some of those winners below:

    • “The Old Boat Trophy”- was earned by JUST A BIG DINGHY- helmed byAnnamári Sabján. The boat had been used by a Swiss fisherman whoshortened the mast by 6 cm. So, the mast had to be restored to itsoriginal length before the European Championship in order to comply withclass regulations. The girls-only team went to great lengths to maketheir boat race compliant!
    • The “Ladies Trophy”- was won by Emily Kern and her German crew of all-women on ROTOGIRL.
    • The “Top Youth Boat Trophy”- was won by the GER 3634 team, FAST F helmed by Johanne Maske.
    • The “Top Senior Boat Trophy”- went to Italian Attilio De Battista on ITA 498- PILGRIM.
    Erik Hercsel, the President of the Hungarian J/24 Class concluded theevent as follows, “I am grateful that I had a chance to sail the samecourse with such great sailors during this regatta. Seeing the Hungarianfleet, the teams, and the helms achieving such great results makes meeven happier. Long months of organization and many late nights precededthis event. Big ‘thank you’ to my entire Team who made this event such asuccess, to the many supporters, volunteers, J/24 Class members, toBalatonfüredi Yacht Club, and, of course, to our sponsors whose supportwas inevitable in the realization of this great event.”   J/24 Hungary Facebook group.

    J/24 Hungary sailing videos
    First day- https://www.facebook.com/hunj24class/videos/1574122279311655/
    Second day- https://www.facebook.com/hunj24class/videos/1574942895896260/
    Third day- https://www.facebook.com/hunj24class/videos/1576005189123364/
    Fourth day- https://www.facebook.com/hunj24class/videos/1577399228983960/

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